Q. How do I place my order?

A. Simply select the items and quantities you’d like to order by clicking on the ‘Shop’ button. You will be guided through the various fields to fill in. If you need assistance placing your order, please either click on the ‘Contact us’ button or email us on: fundraising@bright-ideas.co.nz

Q. Is there a minimum order required?

A. We understand that smaller schools/organisations can find it difficult when there are minimum order quantity requirements. For that reason and to allow you the most flexibility, we do not have a minimum order quantity or minimum dollar amount. Simply order the quantity you need and we’ll look after you from there.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A. No deposit is required, however, we do appreciate prompt payment once you have been invoiced which will be on delivery of your order.

Q. I am not a school but I really like your products, can I buy from you as just one little old me?

A. Of course you can! Our no minimum quantity policy makes buying from us easy for individuals too. We also find that groups of friends sometimes like to get together and place a group order so there’s only one $10 flat freight fee between them all. These types of orders must be paid in full before we can fulfil your order.

Q. How much is the freight?

A. Our freight fee is a flat-rate of $10 anywhere in New Zealand, irrespective of the size of your order.

Q. Can I have the order sent to me at home?

A. Yes, of course you can. We can deliver to which ever address you would like for us to send it to. For insurance purposes, if you are ordering on behalf of a school or organisation, we prefer to deliver directly to the school or organisation. If you insist on delivery to a home address on behalf or you school/organisation, please specify the address supplied is a home address when you place your order as if you don’t let us know, we assume the address belongs to the school or organisation.

Q. Once I place my order how soon do we receive the products?

A. We aim to deliver all orders a few weeks ahead of Mother’s or Father’s Day. The delivery dates for each specific event are shown on the catalogue/order form.

Q. How many gifts should we order per child as we have never had a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day stall before?

A. In our experience, if you order 1.5 gifts per child in your school that will generally be enough. Some schools like to purchase 2 per child just in case and if there are any gifts left over, they offer them to the wider community or hold them for the next year. After you hold your first stall you will have a better indication of the amount of gifts that you will need for future stall days.

Q. In the brochure there are sometimes two or three different designs or colours shown for the one gift. Do I need to specify which colour/style I prefer?

A. No, there is no need. We will supply you with an assortment or colours/styles in fairly even quantities whenever we can. For example, if there is a red and blue version and you have ordered 20 gifts, we will supply you with as close to 10 of each colour as possible.

Q. Can we return unsold stock?

A. We do not accept return of unsold stock as we change our gift choices and brochures every year for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to ensure you are getting the latest and greatest products. We do not refund for change of mind purchases. If you are dissatisfied with your order, please contact us and we will endeavour to resolve the issue.

Q. Do you ever run out of stock of a gift?

A. We really don’t like disappointing any of our customers by running out of any of our items. Whilst we have a huge quantity of stock on hand, it is not possible to forecast exactly what will be the most popular items and how many new customers will place orders with us during each promotion. If we have sold out of items in an order you have already placed, we will email or phone you as soon as possible. We will never substitute items without your permission and always advise you ASAP so we can assist you with choosing another great gift to complete your order.

Q. What about deliveries in school holidays?

A. We try very hard to keep abreast of all the national school holidays and would never send an order to the school if we know you are on holidays. We always aim to make sure your order reaches your school before or after the holidays. The delivery dates for each specific event are shown on the catalogue/order form. If for some reason your school cannot accept delivery at this time, please contact us when placing your order to discuss.

Q. Do I need to add G.S.T. to my total payment?

A. All our prices are inclusive of G.S.T. so the price you see on the item is the total price you will pay (exclusive of the $10 flat-fee shipping cost per order).

Q. How do I qualify to get bonus gifts with my order?

A. Every order placed with us receives a bonus gift. For each catalogue we release, we also have Early Bird Gifts for orders placed before a certain date. For the current Father’s Day Promotion the date is the 21st of June. We also provide you with additional bonus gifts if your order is over $500, over $1000 and even more if it is over $1500. See the ‘Bonus Gifts’ section of this site or page 16 of a downloaded catalogue for details on the value included in these gifts.

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