About Bright Ideas Fundraising

Our sole purpose is to help you fundraise.  We completely understand that fundraising for schools and clubs is often a challenge. With a plethora of fundraising options available, it’s difficult to know which ones will work best and will make good profit. We also know that some fundraisers are deceptive as the total amount collected is sadly depleted once you take the costs out with some fundraising companies taking upwards of 80%.

For this reason, we jumped at this new opportunity.  We have partnered with an award winning company in Australia who has been offering high quality, reasonably priced giftware products to schools and clubs to fundraise with for 14 successful years.

It is a really simple concept that allows children to have the fun of selecting a gift for their loved one, whilst also helping out those busy parents who no longer have to make that trip to purchase a gift from the shops.  Top this with the ability to make an average of 30% profit comfortably on our products and it really is a recipe for success!  We also love that we offer a range of gifts which you can sell from $2 upwards while still making profit, ensuring there are gifts available for children from any household income.

We have a new range with each event so please ensure you are familiar with our ordering cut off dates to avoid disappointment.  Key dates can be viewed here: https://www.brightideasfundraising.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Bright-Ideas-Fundraising-Key-Dates.pdf

Read the testimonials from New Zealand and Australian schools and get in touch so we can help your school with this year’s fundraising.  We can’t wait to be of service to you.

We’ll let you in on a little secret.  SKINZ bookcovering is owned by Bright Ideas Enterprises and Bright Ideas Enterprises also owns us!  This is why we can offer SKINZ bookcovering at wholesale prices, enabling your school the ability to sell the rolls to parents for the same price as a retailer and make some great fundraising profit.

The SKINZ brand of book covering is sold in leading stationers and suppliers of stationery across New Zealand. Producing book protection in clear films, tinted films, laser holographic, metallic, and printed films SKINZ both protects and personalises books.

The films used are PP, PET or high quality Reach Certified PVC and the adhesives are primarily water-based acrylics.