FUN’draising at its best!

Bright Ideas Fundraising offers giftware that is perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Grandparent’s Day events. All schools whether pre-school, primary, intermediate, or secondary, as well as clubs and other organisations can all benefit from selling our fundraising products.
Our process is easy…simply choose the items you wish to sell at your stall from our online catalogue, decide on your sale prices and how many items to buy, promote your stall to parents and caregivers, then enjoy the fun with the children on stall day. We guarantee that the children, parents, caregivers and those responsible for school fundraisers such as PTAs or Friends of the School will love it.
Children love giving gifts to the special people in their lives. It’s simple for parents and caregivers too, as all they need to do is send their children to school on stall day with some pocket money to spend. Depending on the gifts the school selects, children will be able to purchase something special for just a few dollars while still making good profit for your school. No need to go out to the shops!
Why not consider providing an authentic or contextual learning experience for the children and allow them the responsibility to plan, prepare and host a fundraising gift stall, then report on the profits made. The knowledge they will gain from working as a team and running their very own ‘small business’ in a safe environment will be an invaluable experience for them.
Happy ‘FUN’draising!